When Water Color Changes, Something’s Wrong

When Water Color Changes, Something’s Wrong

IMG 0271 (1)One of the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to judge the quality of your pool water is to simply look at it. If there are sudden changes to its color or clarity, it’s usually an indication that the pool needs to be serviced — and quickly.

Changes to the color of your pool water can indicate a number of problems. For example, if the water seems like it is tinted a shade of green, it could mean that there is an algae bloom, which can usually be easily corrected with changing out the filters or adjusting the chemical levels.

If your pool suddenly seems a brighter shade of blue than it normally is, it could mean that somebody overdid it with the chemicals. Perhaps there was a miscommunication and the pool received double its normal dose of chemicals. Or maybe chemicals were added without testing the pool’s pH levels.

Clear Pool Water

Another thing to notice is the water’s clarity. If your pool water is suddenly cloudy or you can’t easily see the bottom, that’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Generally, it simply means that the pool hasn’t been cleaned as frequently as it needs. Or it could be a result of a recent rainstorm or flooding adding outside water to your pool.

Nobody should swim in a dirty pool. So if the water is cloudy, unclear, or just plain dirty, it’s time to call the pool service. Typically, the water can be filtered and treated so that it is clear and safe in a relatively quick amount of time.

Water Temperature

Usually, you can’t tell the pool water’s temperature by looking at it — unless there is a thin sheet of ice over the surface in which case you have other problems. Instead, water temperature is something that you can either feel with your hand or foot or measure with a thermometer.

Water temperature is one of the easiest problems to correct. Chilly water can be heated using a pool heater. Overly warm water can be corrected by simply turning the thermostat down.