Even If You Only Suspect a Leak Get It Checked

Even If You Only Suspect a Leak Get It Checked

A leak in your backyard swimming pool or spa doesn’t just pose a risk to the pool but to your entire home and property. Even the smallest leak can cause extensive damage that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix later.

So even if you only suspect you have a leak, it’s a good idea to get it checked out as quickly as possible.

Leak Detection Services

At Tropics Pool and Spa, we are experts at pool leak detection. We usually have a pretty good idea of what’s going on once you describe the problem. But we will confirm our suspicions with a comprehensive inspection of your pool and the surrounding area.

Indications of a pool leak include sudden, unexplained declines in the pool’s water level, pooling on the ground surrounding the pool, and visible cracks or fissures on the pool’s wall and floor surfaces.

Left untreated, water from a leaky pool can seep into the ground around the pool and possibly eventually the foundation of your home as well as concrete garage floors and asphalt or cement driveways and decks. Fixing the pool leak early can help avoid having to make bigger, more expensive repairs later.

Tropics Pool and Spa

The experienced, professional pool leak detection experts at Tropics Pool and Spa can identify and correct pool leaks before they turn into something bigger. Often in a single afternoon, we can fix your pool leaks and get your pool back in service as quickly as possible.

Pool leaks are common, especially among older pools. They aren’t a major repair if addressed early by competent professionals. But left unfixed, they can spread and cause big problems far beyond your pool.

Don’t let pool leaks get out of control. Call the experts at Tropics Pool and Spa and address your pool leak issues before they spread.