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It can turn out to be quite difficult to properly maintain a pool and ensuring that a pool remains clean and functional can prove to be even trickier. If you are in search of services that will help you keep your pool in perfect condition, then you might want to consider hiring Tropics Pools. Just about anything that has got to do with a swimming pool can be handled by us. Generally, all the repairs that need to be done are performed by professional certified technicians.

If something breaks down in your swimming pool, you will not have to worry about visiting us because we will arrive right at your home and fix whatever is broken. If you want your pool to be regularly serviced on a weekly basis, you can hire us for this purpose as well. A variety of activities will be conducted by us every week if you hire our company to receive weekly services for your pool. Once you have hired our pool services, the backwash filters, pumps, waterline tile and skimmers are some of the components of a swimming pool that are cleaned by us. A swimming pool is also vacuumed out by us and we will also help in ensuring that the components of the pool are functioning properly.

All of the chemical needs of the swimming pools will also be handled. Once you have hired us you will also not have to worry about purchasing any chemicals because we will already be stocked with the essential chemicals when we arrive at your house. We happen to be experts at ensuring the cleanliness and safety of swimming pools by making use of the right chemicals. The water chemistry will also be tested every week so that we know that the pool is safe for swimming.

We will even help in troubleshooting any problems that you might be having with your pool. Firstly, the problem will be diagnosed by and next it will be repaired. Problems that generally occur with pools are usually because of malfunctioning motors or pumps, issues with the piping or problems related to the water quality. In cases like these we might even provide you with any accessory that will help solve the problem and prevent it from occurring again.

Problems with swimming pools are quite normal and those who have a swimming pool in their house should never avoid or ignore pool maintenance. Homeowners who want to make sure their pool remains in good condition will have to hire a pool service company at some point or the other, so there is nothing better than to consider Tropics Pools.

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What our clients say

Tropics Pool & Spa provides our company a professional and reliable service with a quick turnaround. Prices are competitive and they are always available either by phone or email. Thank you Brian for the great work!

Claudia G.Macken Realty, Inc.

I give Brian and Tropics 2 thumbs up! If I had a third thumb I’d put that up too. Brian is extremely professional and reliable and does a great job keeping my pool looking great. And, he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.

Vic I.

Brian does an outstanding job with my pool. He charges a very reasonable fee for his work and I’m pleased with the results.


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