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Tropics Pool and Spa is South Florida’s full-service pool maintenance provider. We offer exclusive monthly services for many of the region’s most prestigious residential and commercial pool and spa owners. Our experienced, professional team of pool care experts have the skills you can rely on to care for, maintain, and even repair your swimming pool, regardless of its size.

Whether you operate an exclusive South Beach hotel, own a luxurious backyard swimming pool, or manage a private estate or club, you can rely on Tropics Pool and Spa for the all the discreet, reliable pool and spa services you need.

Pool Leak Detection

Even the tiniest crack or pinhole in the surface of your pool can grow into a huge problem. The pool experts at Tropics Pool and Spa can detect and repair pool leaks immediately before they have time to grow larger.

Pool Repairs

In South Florida, a cool, inviting swimming pool is absolutely essential. So when something goes wrong with your swimming pool, it’s critical that get it repaired properly as quickly as possible. The pool repair experts at Tropics Pool and Spa have the skills and experience necessary to get your pool back up and running with minimal downtime. Unlike most common pool service companies, at Tropics Pool and Spa you won’t be put at the bottom of the list when you need of critical pool repairs.

As South Florida’s most prestigious pool service company, our clientele can’t afford to wait around for their pool to be fixed. Our team of pool repair professionals are always on call and will respond immediately to your pool repair needs so that you experience minimal interruption. From acid washes to pump systems, leak detections to surface repairs, Tropics Pool and Service is the full-service pool maintenance and repair company for South Florida’s most discriminating pool owners.

Pool Equipment Services

Pool equipment such as pumps, heaters, and chillers create the ideal environment for comfort and safety. But to work properly, pool machinery requires regular care and maintenance from licensed, trained professionals. Worn, improperly maintained pool equipment not only will perform poorly, but can also put swimmers at risk while costing you money. The pool experts at Tropics Pool and Spa can service your pool equipment so that it consistently performs its best, lasts longer, and always creates ideal swimming conditions for your family, customers, or clients.

We have the experience, knowledge, and training to keep your pool equipment running optimally. Tropics Pool and Spa services the pools of some of the most famous residents and most well-known commercial clients in South Florida. So you can rely on us for the kind of discreet, professional services you need to keep your pool safe.

Pool and Spa Care

To get the glimmering, crystal clear water you want, your swimming pool requires persistent service and cleaning. At Tropics Pool and Spa, our team of professional pool experts will consistently remove all dirt and debris from the surface, bottom, and sides of your pool to create a clean and safe swimming environment for your family, customers, or club members.

We also will continually monitor and adjust your pool’s chemicals so that the water is always perfectly balanced. Tropics Pool and Spa also specializes in hot tubs, Jacuzzis, infinity pools, athletic training pools, and specialty pools. If keeping your pool or spa looking its best is important to you, then you can rely on the exclusive pool cleaning and maintenance services from South Florida’s most prestigious pool care company: Tropics Pool and Spa.

Whitefly Effect

If your pool is suffering from whitefly invasion, call Tropics Pool and Spa today!

South Florida’s inviting climate has made it home to invasive species such as parakeets, pythons and walking catfish. One of the latest immigrants to the region has brought headaches for service technicians.

The rugose spiraling whitefly arrived in Florida in 2009 and is found today from the Florida Keys through Palm Beach County. As it spreads, it leaves a honeydew-like film on pools that can neutralize chemicals. The whitefly also deposits a black goo on decks, furniture and railings.

Pool Painting and Resurfacing

Over time, weather conditions, excessive use, and even exposure to direct sunlight can degrade the surface areas of your pool. Upgrading your pool or spa with fresh paint and resurfacing can help restore its luxurious look while extending its usable life.

The pool experts at Tropics Pool and Spa are pool painting and resurfacing professionals. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable pool technicians will work quickly yet thoroughly to restore your pool to like new conditions, instantly improving both the look and texture of your pool surfaces.

Green Pools

We specialize in reviving even the greenest pool back to clean and clear no matter the severity of the algae.

An algae filled green pool is unhealthy, unsafe and unsightly. Getting a green or algae pool back to clean/clear and healthy can take a lot of work. A service in the pool industry known as a “green to clean”.

The process for a green pool cleaning depends on the severity of the pool algae problems. Some pools just starting to turn green may be able to be treated with chemicals, circulation, and filtration. However, most green pools are best cleaned by draining the pool, cleaning out the debris, scrubbing the pool walls with a chlorine or acid wash, cleaning the filters, refilling the pool, and balancing the water.

Acid Baths

Keeping your pool Clean & Healthy!

If your plaster is looking a little worn or perhaps it’s showing signs of improper chemical balance, a light acid bath might be the secret. Dealing with toxic chemicals should be always be performed by a professional. We can provide you a safe and affordable solution for your plaster concerns.

Simply the Best

Whatever pool cleaning, service, repair, or maintenance you need, you can rely on the professionals at Tropics Pool and Spa. We are the full-service pool and spa company trusted most by South Florida’s most prestigious pool owners.

At Tropics Pool and Spa, you are always our most important client!