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Monthly Pool Services

Monthly Pool Services

If you live in South Florida, Tropics Pool and Spa can help your pool clean & healthy with our monthly maintenance services.

The Bucket Test

The Bucket Test

The bucket test helps determine if the unusual rate of water loss is due to a high evaporation rate or a possible leak.

Green Pools

Green Pools

An algae filled green pool is unhealthy, unsafe & unsightly. Getting a green pool back to clear and healthy can take a lot of work.

Have fun in your pool!

We tailor our pool service to exceed your expectations!

Pool Leak Detection in Florida


Pool Leak Detection in FloridaWater leaks are one of the most common problems among swimming pools. Unfortunately, they also are one of the most invisible. Pool leak detection can be difficult, if not impossible, to be seen by the naked eye.

Yet left untreated, water leaks can damage the walls and interior supports of your swimming pool. And the chemical-infused water can even seep in the groundwater or even the foundations of nearby structures.

Tropics Pools specializes in the pool leak detection services you need to identify and repair potentially damaging swimming pool water leaks.

Signs of a Problem

While water leaks can be difficult to detect without training, there are some telltale signs. If your pool is in constant need of refilling or if it is consistently two or more inches below its normal water line, it could be an indication that there is a leak somewhere.

But where? Identifying the leak of the water leak is critical to saving the integrity of your pool’s structure. And that’s where the pool experts at Tropics Pools can help.

We have the experience, knowledge, and special tools needed to quickly and accurately locate the source of your pool problem. Then we go to work to repair the leak before it can cause further damage to your pool or surrounding property.

Professional Pool Leak Detection in Florida

Tropics Pools is Florida’s pool repair experts. We have helped many Florida pool owners save their pools and property from costly damage.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Damage caused by pool leaks can quickly spread to other areas of your pool or even nearby structures.

If you are noticing low water levels, a significant increase in fill times, or standing water on or around your pool deck surface, it could be time to call in the pool leak detection experts at Tropics Pools.

Do you own a swimming pool, hot tub or spa?

If so, perhaps you bought it for cooling & relaxing, not to worry about constant pool service & spa cleaning, maintenance, repair and safety. If you are in this situation and want to free yourself from the hassles of Spa, Hot Tubs or Pool service, cleaning, pool maintenance and pool repair, Tropics Pool and Spa Service in Fort Lauderdale is the company to call for all these pool and spa service needs. Tropics Pool and Spa Service in Fort Lauderdale, guarantee: the highest quality pool and spa service, working with professionals with intensive experience, professionalism and friendliness at affordable prices. Our knowledgeable and well experience trained pool and spa experts are always ready to clean, maintain, and fix your pool, hot tubs and spa. Regardless of how big and where its located, we will make sure you will have your pool and spa cooling and relaxing again.

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Pool & Spa Services

At Affordable Rates

  • Pool & Spa Repairs
  • Regular Pool & Spa Cleaning
  • Monthly Pool & Spa Maintenance
  • Filters Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair
  • Motors Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair
  • Salt Systems
  • Acid Washes
  • Pumps and Heaters Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair
  • Leak Detection and Repairs
  • Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Your #1 Choice

  • Circulation: effective water circulation with sanitizers
  • Filtration: ensuring adequate filtration to control mold, dirt and other things
  • Cleaning: scrubbing, removing of debris and removing other substances
  • Testing: Clarity test, chemical combination and healthy water treatment
  • Maintenance: ensure all above and regular visit to evaluate and rectify performance

What our clients say

Tropics Pool & Spa provides our company a professional and reliable service with a quick turnaround. Prices are competitive and they are always available either by phone or email. Thank you Brian for the great work!

Claudia G.Macken Realty, Inc.

I give Brian and Tropics 2 thumbs up! If I had a third thumb I’d put that up too. Brian is extremely professional and reliable and does a great job keeping my pool looking great. And, he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.

Vic I.

Brian does an outstanding job with my pool. He charges a very reasonable fee for his work and I’m pleased with the results.

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