What Constitutes a Great Pool Care Company?

What Constitutes a Great Pool Care Company?

In South Florida, there are dozens — if not hundreds — of pool care companies. But there aren’t that many really good ones.

Anybody can start a pool care company. It doesn’t take a lot of knowledge. The required equipment can be purchased at any pool supply store. And after just a few weeks on the job, you can pretty much figure out what needs to be done. But the gap between average pool cleaning companies and truly great ones is very wide. And pool owners can quickly tell the difference.

What Sets Us Apart

Essentially, there are two things that separate great pool cleaning services from mediocre ones: Experience and responsiveness.

New pool cleaning businesses are being launched all the time. But what they lack and what Tropics Pool and Spa have is experience. It takes years to see everything that can possibly go wrong with a pool, and longer than that to figure out how to fix each and every issue that comes along. Pool cleaning is pretty straightforward. So is balancing pool water chemicals, cleaning filters, and even maintaining equipment.

The biggest challenge that separates great pool cleaners from others is the experience to diagnose and treat any type of pool issue quickly and effectively. And that’s where the experience of Tropics Pool and Spa pays off.


The second, and perhaps more important, difference between great and average companies is responsiveness. When you have a pool problem, need last-minute cleaning due to an upcoming special event, or any other special request, you want to be able to simply pick up the phone and get the results you want within hours.

Start-up pool companies may not even have an office. They may be a one-person operation working out of their truck and using their cellphone to keep up with clients. But when Tropics Pool and Spa is on the job, you have the confidence to know you can reach out to us anytime and get instant solutions to all your pool problems.