Storing and Securing Pool Toys

Swimming Pool Service Boca RatonOne of the best things about having your own backyard swimming pool is that you can use any type of pool toy or flotation you want in it. After all, it’s your pool!

Public pools or pools at hotels or resorts will often restrict the type of pool toys that can be used, if not ban them altogether. In a community environment, this makes sense because the pool toys used by one guest can be a distraction or even a hazard to somebody else.

But when it’s your pool, you get to make the rules. And having fun, colorful and inflatable or floating pool toys makes the experience of using your pool all that much better.

Fort Lauderdale Pool Service – Safety and Security

When not in use, pool toys should be packed up and put away. Inflatables should be deflated and, when possible, returned to their original packaging for safe storage. This will not only prolong their life but also make them easy to find when you want to use them again.

Pool toys also tend to be lightweight and airy. So they can easily blow away in a strong wind gust or storm. And the last thing you want is to try to remove a pool toy from the high branch or a tree or power line after a storm. It’s unsafe and potentially life-threatening.

Finally, bright, colorful pool toys can be enticing to other people. Not only is there the risk of theft, but they may also attract young children who want to play with your pool toys. And if they are unsupervised, the results could be tragic.

Fort Lauderdale Pool Service – Pool Toy Locker

The safest solution is to have a pool toy locker located nearby your pool. This is usually a sturdy yet lightweight lockable box in which all of your pool toys can be stored when not in use. When you are ready to use your pool toys again, you can simply unlock the locker and start having fun.

Pool toy lockers usually are available wherever you buy your pool supplies. They provide a safe and secure solution for storing your pool toys when not in use.