Schedule Pool Service at Your Convenience

Schedule Pool Service at Your Convenience

Fort Lauderdale poolOne question we often get from new clients is, “When should I schedule my pool service?” There is no one way to answer this question because the right response depends on a lot of different factors.

Some people prefer to have their pool serviced early in the morning so that they can enjoy it throughout the rest of the day. Others prefer afternoon or evening service times because it is more convenient for their work or school schedule.

Fort Lauderdale Pool — Supervised or Unsupervised?

Another consideration is whether or not the homeowner needs to be present while the pool is being serviced. Generally, if pool technicians have unencumbered access to the pool they are able to provide service without the homeowner’s assistance.

But if the pool or its equipment is behind a locked gate, in a secured storage shed, or is otherwise not freely accessible, the presence of the homeowner may be required. Plus, some people simply prefer to be home when workmen are on their property. This usually will limit the time that your pool service can be scheduled, however, because it will need to be done while the homeowner is off from work or school.

Fort Lauderdale Pool — Working with Your Schedule

Usually, once a convenient time and day of the week are determined a regular pool servicing schedule can be created. When service is at the same time and day, that often proves to be most convenient for both the homeowners and the pool technicians.

Of course, should a situation arise where your regularly scheduled pool service doesn’t work for you, all you need to do is call Tropics Pool and Spa and we will happily reschedule your service so that it is convenient for you. Our goal is to provide the best quality pool service to you and your family with minimal interruption to your normal routine.