Pools Can Be Added to Any Sized Lot

Pools Can Be Added to Any Sized Lot

Many homeowners believe they can’t add a pool to their home because of the size or shape of their lot. At Tropics Pool and Spa, we say, “Challenge accepted!”

That’s because pools can be added to practically any piece of residential property, regardless of how big or small it is or whether it is located on a corner plot, a busy street, or any other place.

Adding a Home Swimming Pool

Swimming pools add both value and utility to any home, especially in South Florida. They don’t always have to be Olympic-sized, kidney-shaped, or even a traditional swimming pool at all.

Many smaller or odd-shaped properties benefit from adding lap pools, hot tubs, or uniquely shaped swimming pools that are customized to fit the particular shape of the property. The truth while there are standard-sized pools available, Tropics Pool and Spa can create a customized pool that will be unique to your home.

While traditional in-ground backyard pools are rectangular, who’s to say yours can’t be square? Or circular? Or even triangular? Our experienced design team can look at the shape of your property then propose a pool that will work for your particular needs.

Value of Swimming Pools

Homes on busy streets can add pools protected by a privacy fence. Corner lot houses can add pools that may be smaller, but add value and function to the home, increasing both the potential resale price of your property while adding hours of fun and excitement for your family, friends, and neighbors.

If you think your home can’t benefit from a swimming pool because it’s too small or located in a place that doesn’t traditionally accommodate a pool, think again. You and your family can enjoy the benefits of having your own backyard swimming pool regardless of where you live thanks to Tropics Pool and Spa.