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Pool Services Fort Lauderdale: Chlorine Confidence!

Pool Services Fort Lauderdale: Chlorine Confidence!

Pool Services Fort Lauderdale by Tropics Pool and Spa

Pool Services Fort Lauderdale has several excellent cleaning programs that will bring untold benefits to you and your family. A pool is a source of many good times when cleaned and maintained properly. For homes that do have a pool, it is an occasion of pride and delight. Pools represent a large investment, second in the house. Homeowners always take pains to maintain the cleanliness of their homes both inside and out. The same intent should be dispensed to the pools. It should be performed by professionals to ensure that the pool is perfectly clean and suitable for swimming.

And we at Pool Services Fort Lauderdale have prepared an excellent cleaning and maintenance schedule in order to bring about a perfect pool for everyone to use and enjoy.

The first part of the cleaning agenda is brushing the walls and the floors and then uses the pool vacuum afterwards. This sounds so simple and elementary. How else do you start cleaning? We at Pool Services Fort Lauderdale have seen the wisdom of doing this menial task. If there are other ways to do this more effectively, our Pool Services Fort Lauderdale experts would’ve suggested it already.

After the water has been restored, we at Pool Services Fort Lauderdale will chlorinate it and check the pH to ensure that it’s within the prescribe concentration as mandated by the Center of Disease Control or CDC. We do this twice a week. The pH should be between 7.2 and 7.5. This means that the water is basic or alkaline, which the opposite of acidic. Germs thrive in an acidic medium and they die when exposed to alkaline conditions. Our Pool Services Fort Lauderdale experts are always on top of things when it’s about chlorine concentration retainment.

The pool is a unique set up. It’s much, much bigger than a pail of water. Our question at Pool Services Fort Lauderdale is: are you going to use a pail of water left overnight outdoors for taking a bath? You’d think twice before using it, I’m sure. Maybe a bug fell on it or a pet may have drunk from it. But you wouldn’t feel the same using your swimming pool, would you? It’s even more exposed to whatever may contaminate it because of its size. That’s what we at Pool Services Fort Lauderdale call chlorine confidence. We always tell our customers that their pools are available anytime they want to use it. Nothing can harm them while we’re in control of their pool’s overall care and maintenance.

There’s more to a pool’s cleanliness than chlorine.

Our Pool Services Fort Lauderdale experts’ confidence in the germicidal property of chlorine has limits, however. Just like a computer, it needs back up in an event of a permanent crash. Chlorine can only go so far in delivering its established germ killing mode. It needs the support of the pool filter in order to bring the limit of contaminants in line to an agreeable level. Our Pool Services Fort Lauderdale experts never forget to give the filter the much needed cleaning that it so deserves. After all, it’s the first and last line of the pool’s defense.

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