Balancing Pool Chemicals

Balancing Pool Chemicals

Balancing the chemicals in pool water is one of the most important tasks for keeping your backyard swimming pool safe. Unfortunately, it also can be one of the most confusing.

Many homeowners are intimidated by balancing pool chemicals. The slightest mistake can make your pool water unclear, corrosive, and unsafe for swimmers. That’s why so many homeowners prefer to leave pool chemical balancing to the professionals.

Why Balance?

Pool water contains a number of chemicals to keep it pure, clean, and safe for swimmers. While pH is the most well-known component to be balanced, there also are alkalinity, calcium hardness, stabilizer, and chlorine that need to be in balance.

If your pool’s chemicals are allowed to become unbalanced, a number of bad things can happen. First, people using your pool may develop skin irritations or eye problems. They may also become sick because unbalanced pools can allow bacteria to build up.

Another problem is corrosion. If chemicals are unbalanced, you may start to see corrosion on ladders, underwater lighting fixtures, and grates, among other elements.

Finally, pool equipment can become damaged if the pool water chemicals are out of balance. Mechanical equipment like pumps, filters, heaters, and others are expensive to repair or replace. So making sure the pool water is properly balanced not only protects swimmers, it also can save you money.

Pool Chemical Experts

It doesn’t take long for problems to become apparent if you forget to balance your pool chemicals or balance them improperly. Within a very short amount of time, you can literally see the problem as the water becomes discolored or impure. Properly balanced pools feature sparkling clear, inviting water.

Don’t take chances. Let the professionals at Tropics Pool and Spa balance your pool’s water chemicals as part of our routine pool service. That way you never have to worry if your pool is unclear, unsafe, or imbalanced.