Is Your Pool Ready for Hot Weather?

Is Your Pool Ready for Hot Weather?

IMG 0436As spring rolls into summer, pool owners in South Florida, the temperature is steadily climbing upwards. For your backyard swimming pool that means one thing: More use than ever.

The whole reason swimming pools exist is to keep people cool in hot weather. Sure, they are fun for frolicking and ideal for entertaining. But when it comes right down to it your pool is there to let you beat the heat.

So South Florida’s summer weather — with its rising temperatures and high humidity — make your pool an essential part of your home.

More Use, More Problems

The problem is that the more your pool is used, the faster the chemicals that help keep it clean can break down. Pool chemicals such as chlorine help protect swimmers against germs and bacteria. These chemicals also help prevent things like algae blooms and viral spread.

But the more people who physically use your pool, the harder these chemicals have to work to keep the water clean and safe. And worst of all, higher temperatures and direct sunlight can accelerate the breakdown of pool chemicals.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to have your pool professionally maintained and its chemicals checked and balanced during the summer months.

Keeping People Safe

Signs that the chemicals in your pool are failing include cloudy or discolored water, staining at the water level on the pool walls, and breakdowns in pool equipment such as pumps and filters.

In summer, it’s critical to check the pH levels of the water and keep them within safe guidelines so that swimmers are safe and water stays pure. The pool professionals from Tropics Pool and Spa can also check, maintain, and even repair and service your pool equipment so that it performs optimally in the summertime and beyond.

It’s more important in summer than ever to take care of your pool. Tropics Pool and Spa can help keep your pool safe, clean, and fun.