Is This the Year for Pool Renovation?

Is This the Year for Pool Renovation?

waves-dirty-pool-e1555103194178Swimming pools don’t last forever. In essence, they are largely mechanical in nature. So like anything else that has moving parts, is exposed to the weather, and suffers from everyday wear and tear, pools eventually will wear out.

They also can become outdated. Pools that were designed several decades ago may still function, but they are embarrassingly out of date, kind of like that 1970s leisure suit hanging in the back of the closet.

Replacing a worn or outdated pool can be costly, disruptive, and time-consuming. But renovating your existing pool, hot tub, or spa so that it looks and functions like brand new is often a better solution.

Renovate or Replace?

As long as the “bones” of the pool are string, pool renovation is often a great option. While pools that are structurally unsound, irreparably damaged, or in need of costly repairs may need to be replaced, a pool that is simply worn or looks outdated can often be quickly and affordably renovated with minimal disruption or downtime.

What pool renovation entails depends on the condition of the pool itself. In some instances, it may simply require updating some key equipment, patching a few cracks, and giving it a new paint job — all of which can typically be done in just a few days or a week. More complicated renovations could take longer but are still usually a better, faster, and cheaper alternative to complete replacement.

South Florida’s Pool Renovation Experts

A lot of pool construction companies will tell you that your pool needs to be replaced, no matter what’s wrong with it. That’s because they make their money building pools, not fixing them.

But at Tropics Pool and Spa, our expert pool technicians will give you a fair and honest assessment of what your options are. And if renovation is a viable alternative, we will explain all of your options.

Does your pool need renovating? To find out for sure, call the pool professionals at Tropics Pool and Spa.