How Long Can You Use Your Pool?

How Long Can You Use Your Pool?

Fort Lauderdale poolIn South Florida, the year’s hottest weather is behind us. As we head into fall, residents can expect cooling temperatures, falling humidity, and more comfortable conditions.

So how long can pool owners continue to use their pool? The answer depends on a number of different factors.

Ambient Temperature

The first consideration is air temperature. In South Florida, the thermometer usually will read into the mid-70s or higher well into the fall and even the first part of the winter. It’s not until December that temperatures start falling below where most people are comfortable swimming in an unheated pool.

The water temperature in an unheated pool depends on the air temperature plus the amount of direct sunlight it receives. So on sunny days, even when the air temperature is in the low 70s, your pool water may still be warm enough to swim in comfort without worry.

Mechanical Heaters

There are lots of pools in South Florida without pool heaters. That’s because most of the year they are completely unnecessary. Thanks to our climate, the water will remain warm enough to swim comfortably without a mechanical heater well into the fall and winter.

But an electric heater lets you extend the usability of your pool well into the cooler months. In fact, in some parts of South Florida heated pools can be used all year round.

Another consideration is your tolerance for cooler water. In summer, a cool pool is a great escape from the heat. But when the temperature drops, most pool owners are reluctant to step into an unheated pool for fear of being uncomfortably chilled.

Yet others look forward to bracing cooler water, especially when they are using their pools for exercise rather than simply entertainment. Cooler water pools are often ideal for swimming laps, water aerobics, or other activities that heat the body and exercise the muscles.