‘How Can I Tell If My Pool Needs Cleaning?’

‘How Can I Tell If My Pool Needs Cleaning?’

IMG 0271 (1)Swimming pools need regular cleaning according to an established schedule. If they aren’t cleaned at least every few weeks, their water can quickly become dirty, cloudy, and even dangerous to the health of swimmers.

So how can you tell if your pool is dirty? There are a number of telltale signs.

Look, Smell, and Measure

The best way to assess the condition of your pool is by performing a chemical test on the water. But that’s not the only way.

Looking at the water is often enough. If the water in your pool or spa is cloudy, murky, or discolored, it probably needs to be cleaned. Bubbles or foam appearing on the water’s surface or near drains is another signal that you need to have your pool cleaned.

But sight isn’t the only sense you can use to judge the cleanliness of your pool. If you notice strong odors emanating from your pool, it’s time to clean. The smells don’t have to be foul, either. If you can smell the chlorine in your pool water, it probably means there’s too much and your pool’s chemicals need to be balanced.

Finally, if you see living organisms in your pool, don’t use it until it can be cleaned and assessed to be safe by professionals. Bacteria, insects, rodents, pests, and other living things can make your pool water hazardous to the health of swimmers.

Professional Cleaning

One of the most common mistakes pool owners make is trying to maintain their pools on their own. Professional pool cleaners have the experience, expertise, and skills to properly assess and treat pool water so that it always in optimal condition for you and your family.

If you notice that your pool is dirty, it’s probably too late. Avoid putting swimmers at risk by letting Tropics Pool and Spa clean, maintain, and treat your pool according to a regular schedule. Our experienced pool professionals can help protect your family’s health by properly taking care of your pool.