Enjoy Your Pool All Year Round

Enjoy Your Pool All Year Round

The biggest benefit of living in South Florida is the weather. Even in the heart of winter, the temperatures rarely dip below the mid-50s — and they often remain in the 70s most of the time during the day.

So if you own a backyard swimming pool, you could theoretically use it all year round. Unlike our neighbors to the north, there’s no urgent need to shut down your pool at the end of the swimming season because in South Florida that’s all year round!

Still, there are a few things you need to take into account if you want to enjoy your pool 365 days per year.

Water Temperature

Swimmers will be comfortable in your pool when the water temperature is between 78F and 82F degrees. Water naturally adapts the temperature of its environment. So when the outside air temperature falls below 78F degrees, so will the water temperature.

Pool heaters allow owners to keep their water temperature comfortable even when the outside air temperature dips into jacket weather. Swimmers will be comfortable in your heated pool all winter long — at least until it’s time to get out. And even then they can wrap themselves in towels or scramble indoors to escape the cold.

Weather Reports

It rarely freezes in South Florida. And when it does, it’s such an unusual event that there is typically advance notice on the local weather reports.

In the rare event that there is an extended stretch of weather below 32F degrees, it can cause the water in your pool’s pipes to freeze and expand, potentially causing damage. But with advanced notice, you should have time to drain your pool completely in preparation for the freezing weather.

Fortunately, that doesn’t happen very often where we live. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we live here!