Contracted Pool Services Makes Sense

Contracted Pool Services Makes Sense

Fort Lauderdale poolPeople living in Florida planned communities, owners of vacation homes, and corporate entities that own and/or operate resorts containing dozens or even hundreds of units all have one thing in common: The need for professional, competent, and effective pool services.

A condominium complex, resort, hotel, or apartment complex in Florida without a pool is rare. People need the respite of cool, refreshing water to make it through the heat and humidity of Florida summers. And in winter, pools are one of the things that keep tourists coming back to make happy memories with their families year after year.

Full-Time vs Contracted

Yet hiring a full-time pool technician often isn’t cost-effective, even for the largest properties. There are too much ebb and flow of pool service requirements. During the busy season, you may need cleaning, maintenance, and even repairs practically every day. But when things slow down, a property’s pool may only need occasional visits from the pool technician.

That’s why contracted pool services, like those offered by Tropics Pool and Spa, make the most sense for multi-unit properties of every size. Having an on-call pool company allows you to benefit from their services only when you actually need them. And you don’t have to pay the salary of somebody to stay home or sit around during the inevitable annual slow-down.

One Call Does It All

When you hire Tropics Pool and Spa to service your property, you can have somebody there literally on a moment’s notice if repairs, maintenance or cleaning is needed. Plus, you can set your own regular maintenance and cleaning schedule so you never have to worry whether or not your pool is ready for guests.

Condo boards, resort owners, and corporate property owners agree that contracted service by Tropics Pool and Spa are the best option for cleaning, services, and maintaining your pool.