Fort Lauderdale Pool Services: We Do Our Cleaning Using the Scientific Method!

Fort Lauderdale Pool Services: We Do Our Cleaning Using the Scientific Method!

Fort Lauderdale Pool Services

Your pool needs several maintenance measures in the advent of cold season. A lot of pool owners like you will be, without a doubt, needing pool cleaning services. Fort Lauderdale pool services will be happy to serve you. If you’re living within this area you can call us this early so that we can include you in our Fort Lauderdale Pool Services list. Last minute decisions will mostly end to your disadvantage. Our service slots may have all been taken and your pool will be in danger of not being properly drained or prepared for winter season.
Fort Lauderdale pool services have been doing pool winter preparations for several years now

We have pool technicians who are highly trained and have been doing this type of job with satisfactory results. We know that pools have their own peculiarities and proper steps should be taken first to ensure that pool cleaning procedures are followed and carried out with maximum efficiency.

Our Fort Lauderdale pool services maintenance experts will listen to your plans concerning winterizing your pools. We will study your suggestions and submit to you the results. If there are some areas which need to be included, reinforced, or cancelled, you’ll find them clearly stated in the report. On the other hand, if you want leave everything to us we’ll be just as happy to oblige.

Grounds usually freeze during winter time. And as the season ends when the ice begins to thaw; water will start to flow in every direction. There was one instance when the pool owner was baffled by the presence of algae in his pool. The water had turned green despite all the efforts that the pool cleaning services he hired to prepare his pool for winter had given.

The pool water was alkalinized, chlorinated, and water level was lowered. The pool was totally devoid of anything except water. All pool based equipment was drained of water totally.

He started a vegetable garden during spring that year. He used a lot of fertilizer. Some of the melted ice may have found its way to the pool dragging the fertilizers with them and depositing them in the water. The pool cover was not effective enough to stop the drip which resulted in water seeding. Algae love fertilizers; they thrive and multiply fast in this kind of environment.

This is what we at Fort Lauderdale pool services were talking about

Proper evaluation should be part of all pool cleaning services. Chlorine is a good algaecide but when there are instigating circumstances present, the right chemical should be added as well. In this instance algaecide chemicals should have been applied.

Tropics Pool and Spa – Fort Lauderdale pool services has all the modern equipment at our disposal to make your pool truly clean, not only clean as seen by the naked eye. Fort Lauderdale pool services have all the right ideas for you pool cleaning and maintenance needs, at very affordable prices! Give us a call and we’ll be right there. Your pool’s concern is our also our concern.