‘Why Is My Pool Peeling?’

‘Why Is My Pool Peeling?’

IMG 1159Many Florida homeowners look forward to the spring swimming season because backyard pools offer a refreshing respite from the region’s rapidly rising temperatures. But some are surprised and saddened to discover that during the offseason something unexpected happened to their pool’s surface.

When walls of swimming pools become chipped, flaked, or cracked, it’s usually a sign that they haven’t been properly maintained. Too much direct sunlight combined with the effects of harsh chemicals plus time usually equates to degraded pool surfaces. Fortunately, there’s a simple, affordable solution that will get your pool looking better than brand new in practically no time at all.

Pool Painting and Resurfacing

Upgrading your pool or spa with a fresh coat of paint to begin the season is an easy way to restore its luxury while extending its usable life. And if the walls and floor of your pool are in really bad shape, you should consider resurfacing your pool.

The pool restoration experts at Tropics Pool and Spa have the experience, equipment, and know-how to restore your pool to like-new conditions. Pool painting and/or resurfacing can instantly improve both the look and texture of your pool’s floor and walls so you and your family can enjoy your backyard swimming pool in comfort and security for many years to come.

Repair and Replace

Whether you want to simply paint your pool or repair or replace its damaged surfaces, Tropics Pool and Spa is the family-owned, local company that has the quick, simple, and affordable solution you are looking for.

With just one call, you can ensure your pool will look better than brand new for this year’s swimming season. Plus, your pool’s newly restored surfaces will continue to provide years of use and beauty.

Don’t get an unexpected surprise when you open your pool this season. Let Tropics Pool and Spa paint, resurface, or repair your pool so you can focus on what’s really important: Enjoying the good times with the people you love most.