Whitefly Effect on Your Swimming Pool

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South Florida’s inviting climate has made it home to invasive species such as parakeets, pythons and walking catfish. One of the latest immigrants to the region has brought headaches for service technicians.

The rugose spiraling whitefly arrived in Florida in 2009 and is found today from the Florida Keys through Palm Beach County. As it spreads, it leaves a honeydew-like film on pools that can neutralize chemicals. The whitefly also deposits a black goo on decks, furniture and railings.

Two types of whiteflies are responsible for the problem:

The ficus whitefly, which has been around for quite some time, and the rugose spiraling whitefly, a species that’s relatively new in the area.

“The spiraling whitefly, unlike the ficus whitefly, is not super-picky about what it feeds on and reproduces on. So it’s got a very wide host range,” said Laura Sanagorski, environmental horticulture extension agent in Palm Beach County Extension Service.

One of its favorite hosts is the coconut palm, which is often planted in proximity to pools.

“On the pool deck, wherever the palm trees are, everything turns black because what [the flies] are excreting is a sap. It sticks to the plants, it sticks to the pavers, it sticks to the decks, it sticks to the rails.

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