Signs It’s Time to Resurface Your Pool

Signs It’s Time to Resurface Your Pool

Pool floors and walls don’t last forever. Periodically, they need to be resurfaced, repaired, or repainted. Things like the chemicals in the water, direct sunlight, and continual use of the pool can stain, damage, and cause wear to pool surfaces.

Repairing, resurfacing, and repairing pool surfaces is one of the many services offered by Tropics Pool and Spas. Our expert pool technicians have the knowledge, experience, and tools to restore your commercial or residential pool to better than brand new condition.

Warning Signs

There are certain signs that your pool is in immediate need of repair or resurfacing. If your pool water levels are noticeably lower than they should be, or you are pumping more water into the pool each day than you used to, or if the ground around your pool is damp or spongy, it could mean you have a leak. left untreated, a pool leak can cause catastrophic failure to your pool walls and surfaces. Water damage from the leak could even spread to other areas of your property, including your home’s foundation.

Staining, discoloration, and impurity of the pool water are other signs that there is something unfortunate going on with your pool that needs attention from pool professionals.

Another way to tell that you may need pool resurfacing or repainting is that you can’t remember the last time you had it done!

Tropics Pool and Spa

With just one inspection, the pool experts at Tropics Pool and Spa can determine if your pool needs to be repainted, resurfaced, or repaired. Routine maintenance can extend the life of your pool, but sooner or later time and wear will catch up with the pool surfaces.

Tropics Pool and Spa is South Florida’s premier pool repainting, resurfacing, and repair contractor. Our experienced, conscientious pool professionals can address all of your pool issues so that you and your family can enjoy a safe, long-lasting, and crystal-clear swimming pool.