Sequence of Pool Installation Is Important

Sequence of Pool Installation Is Important

When homeowners opt for a new in-ground swimming pool, they don’t usually pay attention to the timing of the job. Yet the sequence of the installation is critically important. In other words, the order in which the different elements of putting in your new pool and the surrounding accouterments matters a lot.

For one thing, digging out a new pool requires the use of a lot of heavy equipment, including in some cases front-end loaders, dump trucks to haul out the removed dirt and debris, and even heavy saws to cut through tree roots or existing concrete.

Excavation Comes First

While every job is unique, the excavation of the area where the pool will be located typically is the first step in the installation process. Well, almost the first step. If things like fences and other semi-permanent structures need to be removed in order to give trucks and equipment access to the area, then this is actually the first step.

After the excavation, the equipment required for pouring the new concrete pool is next. Cement trucks often can work from a surprisingly long distance from the area where the concrete will ultimately be poured. But generally, contractors want to get as close as possible.

Landscaping and Everything Else

Only after the pool has been poured and the major equipment has been installed — including pumps, filtering systems, heaters, lighting, and more — can attention turn to things like landscaping and accessories. Usually, putting things like ladders and pool furniture in place is the absolute last step in the process.

How long all of this will take depends on the size of the job and the accessibility of the area where it will be located. But in very general terms, you can expect your new pool installation to take anywhere from one to two weeks from start to finish.