Save Money by Outsourcing Your Pool Care

Save Money by Outsourcing Your Pool Care

IMG 0431Commercial pool owners like hotels, resorts, fitness centers, and condominium complexes often waste money by keeping a full- or part-time pool technician on staff. Or perhaps they have their maintenance staff care for their pool in addition to all the other work they do.

Unless you have multiple properties that contain a number of pools, this is often not the most efficient approach. Most pools don’t require daily care. Yet if you have employees devoted to pool care all or at least some of the time, you could be paying for nothing.

Contracted Pool Care

A better approach and the one most commercial pool owners take is to outsource their pool care. Professional pool companies like Tropics Pool and Spa work exclusively on pools. So they have the expertise you can rely on for cleaning, maintaining, and even repairing your commercial pool.

Plus, you only use the service when you need it. Rather than paying all the time for pool service you may or may not need, Tropics Pool and Spa will only work on your pool when you require it, saving you money while maximizing the quality of care you receive.

By the Numbers

Do the math and you will see the benefit of outsourcing your pool care. Add up all the money you spent on cleaning, maintaining, and repairing your pool fo the past three years then divide it by three to get an annual average.

Now compare that with the cost of hiring Tropics Pool and Spa to service your pool. Not only will you see incredible savings, but you also will get better, safer, and more comprehensive pool care by qualified experts.

It’s a no brainer: Brining in Tropics Pool and Spa to care for your commercial pool rather than trying to do it in-house gives you better care at a lower price.