Repair or Replace: Pool Equipment Edition

Repair or Replace: Pool Equipment Edition

TROPICS-POOLS 9Pool equipment gets a lot of wear and tear, especially in South Florida where swimming pools can be used practically all year round. Things like pumps, filters, heaters, and even lighting systems don’t last forever.

And when pool equipment does break down, pool owners have an important decision to make: Should they get the equipment repaired? Or should they simply replace it altogether?

Tropics Pool and Spa

Some types of pool equipment can last a long, long time. For example, the average lifespan of a good-quality pool pump should be anywhere from eight to 12 years. And that’s even when it is running almost all the time.

Good pumps can be expensive. So in some instances, getting your broken pump repaired is often a better option. But in other cases, the pump may be so old and so far gone that replacement is the best option. The problem is, that the average homeowners don’t have the knowledge and experience to know the difference.

That’s where Tropics Pool and Spa can help. Our experienced pool technicians have seen it all over the years. We know which pumps would benefit from repairs and which need to be replaced. And we will spell out your options so that you can make an informed choice.

Regular Maintenance Helps

You can prolong the life of your major pool equipment by properly maintaining it. The experts and Tropics Pool and Spa can give your equipment the care it needs so that it lasts longer, giving you years more problem-free service without the expense of repairing it or replacement.

It’s also a good idea to save receipts and warranties. Some pool equipment is eligible for free replacement or repair if something goes wrong during the life of the warranty.

At Tropics Pool and Spa, we can help you get the most out of your pool while minimizing costs and downtime.