Pools Services Boca Raton: Superior Service Advantage!

Pools Services Boca Raton: Superior Service Advantage!

Pools Services Boca Raton by Tropics Pools & Spa

Hiring a professional pool service provider will give you more savings than you think. You can say that you’re paying for a wholesale service rather paying for retail. We at Pools Services Boca Raton pay our personnel a monthly salary. Whether we assign more jobs to them or less, we pay them the same. We also buy our chemicals and other pool cleaning materials in bulk and suppliers give us big discounts. By this you can see everything is pretty regular in our Pools Services Boca Raton operation.

We’re able to charge you cheaper at Pools Services Boca Raton because of these; the savings that we obtain are passed on to you, and that makes our prices highly competitive.

If you’re going to hire part time cleaners you’re going to spend more and their cleaning won’t be as excellent as ours at Pools Services Boca Raton. Moonlighting service personnel won’t be as effective as when they are backed by the company they’re working for. They don’t have the advantage of using company tools and equipment. So what you do is to rent them. How much do you think will that cost you? And how about the price of chlorine and other chemicals; you’re going to pay more because you’re going to get them by retail.

You might think you’re willing to pay more as long as the cleaning your pool is getting is worth it. Nothing is farther from the truth. We at Pools Services Boca Raton discourage our personnel from doing this type of working arrangement, especially with our existing customers. This is trouble with a big T. No individual can hope to deliver better service than a professional commercial pool cleaning service such as our Pools Services Boca Raton. It’s a very messy arrangement and it will end in misunderstanding. In this connection, we’re requesting you to please stick with us and don’t change the plan. We know that we at Pools Services Boca Raton are making a good impact on your pool’s overall performance.

If it’s not broken, why fix it? I mean the arrangement between you and us at Pools Services Boca Raton.

You’re putting your pool at the mercy of an individual or group of individuals which are not licensed to do the cleaning. What happens if your pool sustains damage, whose going to foot the bill? Pools Services Boca Raton has insurance to pay for it. But with them, to whom can you complain? And what about if one of them is injured cleaning the cleaning your pool; who will pay the hospital bills? The risk is too much with individual cleaners.

Your pool is an ideal place for family bonding and fun. Don’t let just anybody do its cleaning and maintenance. It needs a professional touch which we Pools Services Boca Raton are very capable of achieving. Your family’s health and safety are very important to us as they are to you. Trust us to keep your pool family friendly at all times.