Pools More Important Now than Ever

Pools More Important Now than Ever

TROPICS POOLS & SPA SLIDERS-08There’s no getting around it: This summer is going to be a little … different.

Because nobody knows how the coronavirus crisis is going to play out, many people are probably going to be spending more time at home this summer, at least compared to years past. Even businesses are beginning to reopen around the state, people are still going to be cautious — at least until a vaccine can be developed that keeps everybody safe.

Fortunately, if you have a backyard swimming pool, you already have a built-in place to spend your summer!

Entertaining in Place

Your backyard swimming pool is the one place you can go this summer without having to worry about wearing a face mask, washing your hands, or keeping your distance from other people. Instead, you can enjoy swimming, playing, and splashing with your family in the summer sun in security and safety.

There may have been years where you took your backyard swimming pool for granted. But that was when there were a lot of other options. This summer will be different.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You can expect to get more use out of your pool this year. But that means it will be more important than ever to keep up with its cleaning and maintenance. And that’s where Tropics Pool and Spa comes in.

At Tropics Pool and Spa, our experienced, knowledgeable pool experts can keep your pool in optimal condition all summer long. We can clean your pool, balance its chemicals, even maintain your pool equipment so you and your family don’t have to worry about anything except having fun in the safety and security of your own backyard swimming pool.

This summer, your family’s social life may revolve around your pool. Keep your family safe while providing a secure place to enjoy the summer sunshine by letting Tropics Pool and Spa clean and maintain your pool according to a regular summer schedule.