Pool Fences Protect Pets and Small Children

Pool Fences Protect Pets and Small Children

IMG 0436Having a backyard swimming pool is one of life’s great pleasures. Your pool offers a respite from hot days, a place to bask in glorious sunshine, and a focal point for socializing with family and friends.

But pools also create a potential hazard, especially to pets and small children. Too many tragic stories have started with an unattended pool being accessed accidentally. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: Creating a barrier that prevents unwanted access to your pool when it’s not being used.

A pool fence will keep pets and small children out while protecting your privacy and improving the security of your pool and property. They are fast and simple to install and may even help lower your homeowners’ insurance premiums.

Pool Fences

Surrounding your pool with a sturdy barrier that is tall enough to keep pets and small children from accessing helps protect your family. Your pool fence can surround the entire deck, your whole backyard, or just your pool itself.

The pool fence you choose should have a latch that can be easily opened by adults but features a childproof locking device that prevents toddlers and small children from gaining unauthorized and unsupervised access to your pool.

Today’s pool fences can be either permanent or temporary. Some can be anchored into the ground using concrete footings while others can simply be set up when needed then taken down for easier access to your pool during parties or supervised swimming.

Improved Security

In addition to creating barriers between your pool and small children or pets, pool fences also can improve the security of your pool and home. They also offer privacy and improved comfort so you can enjoy your pool and enjoy swimming fun without having to worry about the watchful eyes of snooping neighbors or strangers passing by.

Pool fences are the fast, simple, and secure way to protect your pool and your family from danger. Ask Tropics Pool and Spas about the right pool fence for your property.