Important Things To Remember About Your Pool!

Important Things To Remember About Your Pool!

Pool Service Fort Lauderdale employs professionals to clean and maintain your pool for you.

Pool cleaning is a very important part of pool maintenance. We may look at leaves and small twigs as harmless debris floating in our pool, but they aren’t. They are good sources of food and shelter for algae and bacteria; before long, you will experience a pool invasion and you’ll know you’ve been a mess with your cleaning. This can’t be helped sometimes because of busy schedules. We at Tropics Pools and Spa’s Pool Service Fort Lauderdale understand that, and we’ll be more than glad to be of assistance to you. You’re more than willing to clean your pool, but your other commitments get in the way.

Leaving the pool unattended is like open season for pathogens to contaminate your pool and only us, Tropics Pools and Spa’s Pool Service Fort Lauderdale, is standing between you and them.

Another thing to watch out is when the water temperature goes higher than what’s normal, especially if chlorine is not religiously monitored, leaving the water on the acidic side. You can expect bacteria, amoeba, and algae to really have the perfect environment for multiplying. Acidic warm water is the perfect water condition for getting your pool into trouble. The suggested normal temperature is 800 F to 840 F. There are variations, however, depending on whether you’re in relatively hot and humid place where the temperature may be lowered or in colder places where the temperature will also be higher.

If you’re in southwest Florida you know your pool gets warmer faster compared to those of the north. You have to check your filters to make sure they perform at maximum and get your circulation running to at least 9 to 10 hours.

Again, if you find it difficult to find time to get this done, all you have to do is send us an email at Pool Service Fort Lauderdale for a complete monitoring of you or your pool’s water circulation and for making sure your filter is clean and working perfectly.

The heat of the sun will also have a big effect on your pool’s chlorine performance and the number of swimmers at one time in a pool is another. These two conditions can make your pool water tilt towards acidity, and it’s important therefore to check your water’s pH regularly. The normal pH is 7.4 to 7.6 other suggestions, have it 7.2 to 7.8. It’s important to ensure that it never becomes acidic. The normal pH is 7.0. Below that, shall we say 6.9, that’s the danger zone.

It’s never good to keep your pool too acidic or too alkaline; too warm or too cold. We at Tropics Pools and Spa’s Pool Service Fort Lauderdale will ensure that your pool water is perfect all the time.

If you have the time, it’s really easy to monitor the pH and temperature of your pool. All you need is a pH indicator and a thermometer to know how your pool is doing. But again, if you don’t have the time of day, we at Pool Service Fort Lauderdale will take care of your pool with very minimal charge. You’ll earn more if you let us clean and maintain your pool. What I mean is that you can concentrate on your job and business better if nothing is bothering you.