‘Do I Really Need a Pool Heater?

‘Do I Really Need a Pool Heater?

fort lauderdale poolHaving a backyard swimming pool is one of life’s greatest luxuries. Enjoying your own personal pool with your family and friends is fun, and healthy, and rewarding.

But your pool needs to be comfortable in order to be enjoyable. If the pool water is too cold or even too warm, it can dramatically diminish the experience for everybody. Pool heaters and chillers allow pool owners to maintain a comfortable, healthy water temperature regardless of the weather. But are they really worth the expense?

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Most business owners will base purchasing decisions on something called a “cost/benefit analysis”. This is simply a study that answers the question: Is the money I invest in something going to be worth it to me in the long run. Pool owners can do the same thing when deciding whether or not to invest in pool equipment like heaters or chillers.

The first question you should ask is, “How often will I really need to use my pool heater or chiller?” Generally, the most comfortable pool water temperature is between 84 and 94 degrees F. Unheated pools take on the temperature of the ambient outside air. Direct sunlight will increase pool water temperature. Conversely, the pool water temperature will go down at night, when there is no sun.

To Buy or Not to Buy

So the real question pool owners need to answer is, “How often do I use my outdoor pool when the air temperature is below 84 degrees F or above 94 degrees F?” If the answer is, “All the time” then investing in a pool heater and/or water chiller may make sense.

Another consideration is who is using your pool. If it’s just you and your family and you don’t mind water that is a little cooler during the shoulder seasons, you may be able to avoid investing in a heater. But if your pool is popular among your extended family, friends, and neighbors, or you frequently host pool parties, a heater may be a wise use of your money.