Custom Pools Can Be Any Shape

Custom Pools Can Be Any Shape

Do you have an idea for an unusually shaped pool for your backyard or commercial property? At Tropics Pool and Spa, we say, “Let’s hear it!”

While most pools come in a handful of “normal” shapes — square, rectangular, circular — there’s really nothing regulating what shape the pool in your home, hotel, institution, or resort has to be. If you can imagine it, the pool experts at Tropics Pool and Spa can build it!

Pool Shapes

The shape of a swimming pool isn’t as important as the volume of water it contains. Volume is what determines the size of mechanical equipment such as pumps, filters, lighting, heaters, and so on.

So strange, unusual, or even crazy shapes aren’t impossible. During the mid-20th Century, for example, there was a craze for kidney-shaped pools. These are now so common that they can be found at motels and homes across the country.

But creative thinkers have installed pools in the shape of things like guitars, crosses, crescents, and other non-typical designs. As long as the mechanical equipment can cycle the water uninhibited, the shape doesn’t matter all that much.

Other Types of Pools

Pools don’t have to be “normal”. Today you can enjoy pools with different shapes, infinity pools, training pools that allow you to swim without moving, and other types of pools designed with “outside the box” thinking.

The point is that you are free to create any type of pool you want for your property. And at Tropics Pool and Spa, we can help bring your ideas to life no matter how unusual they are. We specialize in building, maintaining, and servicing pools at some of the most exclusive properties in South Florida. So we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to make your wildest dreams come true.

So do you have a great idea for your next pool? At Tropics Pool and Spa, we say, “Challenge accepted!”