Boca Raton Pool Services

Enjoy Your Pool All Season Long with Tropics Pool and Spa

If you are in search of high quality Boca Raton pool services then you might want to consider Tropics Pool & Spa services. If you own a swimming pool, perhaps you bought it for cooling & relaxing. You don’t need to worry about constant pool services, Tropics Pool & Spa will cover all your pool services needs.

If you want to free yourself from the hassle of constant pool maintenance, spa cleaning or perhaps hot tub repair. Tropics Pool and Spa – Your Premier Boca Raton Pool Services company is the best to call for all these pool and spa services needs.

What to love about Tropics Pool and Spa Fl – Best Boca Raton Pool Services Company

There are many responsibilities that come with being a pool owner. Experience the difference of Premier Boca Raton Pool Services Company can make on yours.

We’ve gained the necessary experience and expertise in delivering pool and spa maintenance.

Tropics Pool and Spa looks forward to providing all your Boca Raton pool services needs.

From monthly Boca Raton pool services, pool cleaning, pool maintenance, salt systems, acid wash, leak detection and pool repairs – Tropics Pool and Spa have worked hard to become a leader in the pool and spa service industry and to win over the trust of every clients and the referral of their family and friends.

Pool Services Available for Boca Raton


  • Filters
  • Motors
  • Repairs
  • Salt Systems
  • Acid Washes
  • Pumps and Heaters
  • Leak Detection and Repairs
  • Monthly Service
  • Swimming Pool Resurfacing.

Our Monthly Boca Raton Pool Maintenance Services

  • Vacuum Bottom of Pool
  • Skim (Net Top Water)
  • Brush Walls – Steps
  • Empty Skimmer Basket
  • Balance Chemicals (Chlorine, Ph, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness)
  • Clean Filter
  • Check Equipment (for case of any problems we will notify and give your options)
  • Install & Maintain Salt Systems
  • Clean Filter

NO RISK, EVERY JOB 100% Guaranteed! Tropics Pool Boca Raton Pool Services will come to your assistance with a single phone call.
Give us a call and tell us what your pool really needs. And after we’ve sorted out everything to your satisfaction, let’s discuss your budget. We may need to postpone some of the plans later and start with what your pool needs for the time being.

Tropics Pool Boca Raton Pool Services will start with the pool cleaning. Restore some damaged tiles and other structural deterioration. Fill the pool with water and chlorinate it. It’s ready for a splash. Well teach you some maintenance tips you can do by yourself. Tropics Pool Boca Raton Pool Services will back you up every step of the way. We’ll be your pool’s guardian angels.

You can contact us at (954)601-5982 , we will be happy to receive any calls with constructive ideas and requests, please let us know how we can help you.

Get the 3rd month of Pool Service FREE when you first sign up!
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What our clients say

Tropics Pool & Spa provides our company a professional and reliable service with a quick turnaround. Prices are competitive and they are always available either by phone or email. Thank you Brian for the great work!

Claudia G.Macken Realty, Inc.

I give Brian and Tropics 2 thumbs up! If I had a third thumb I’d put that up too. Brian is extremely professional and reliable and does a great job keeping my pool looking great. And, he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.

Vic I.

Brian does an outstanding job with my pool. He charges a very reasonable fee for his work and I’m pleased with the results.